Michiana Access TV | Arts Codec Ep. 16

Along the Waterfront By Chris Kennedy
French Press By Erin Hall
Sweet Dream by Mika Santiaguel
Symphony for One by Alyssa Neece
Digital Thought Process by Josh Silveus
Sensory Overload by Allison Dale
Side by Side by Christa Corpe
Bothered Down the Ages by Garrett Martin
Lucent by Lauren Adams
Showtime by Bryen Miller
Actualized Evil by Katie Nestorovich

Arts Codec is a 30min experimental program on Michiana Access TV. It can be watched on Comcast cable Channel 99 & AT&T U-Verse Channel 99 every Friday night at 6:30PM. It can also be watched here on Vimeo. The program showcases student short films, animations, and experimental video art created by students enrolled in the Integrated New Media Studies courses, within the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts @ Indiana University



Poster designed by Ali Lechlitner


Michiana Access TV | ARTS CODEC EP. 15

Fluxus by Lauren Adams
I am Not Conscious Of It by Christa Corpe
Fluxus Movement by Courtney Catanzarite
Just Keep Breathing-Fluxus Movement by Amanda White
Oral Fixation by Allison Dale
Get Off The Phone Glitch by Katy Bail
Serenity by Emily Peppers
Fear by Andrea Seedorf
Isolation by Michael Nespo
Meiosis by Mark Sniadecki
Poor Sad Bastard by Josh Sliveus
i by Trey York
Weekend Possibilities by Christa Corpe
12 Frame by Andy Bollenbacher
Whats for Dinner by Katie Nestorovich
Newfound Energy by Lauren Adams
A Winter’s Decision by Allison Dale
Graphic Interface by Sean Hasty
Set the Mood by Lucas Packer
Food DATA by Alexandria Lechlitner
Formica by Mark Sniadecki