Michiana Access TV | Arts Codec Ep. 18

Selected Student Works:
Disconnected by Chad Montgomery 
Paranoia by  Lia Mirkhabutdinova-Martin 
Requiem by Alyssa Eece 
Strange Encounters: The Sock Monster by Chris Dawson 
Average Joe by Alyssa Neece 
sleepless by Lia Mirkhabutdinova-Martin
The Lonely Sims by Wesley Kowal
New You by Lia Mirkhabutdinova-Martin


Michiana Access TV | Arts Codec Ep. 17

Selected Student Works:
Make Art by Emily Peppers
Loneliness by Loren Hampel
Awake by Lia Mirkhabutdinova-Martin
Peace: It’s Personal by Nick Smith
This Is Bliss by Olivia Auter
Serenity by Josh Silveus
FEAR by Sean Hasty
Irritation by Davis Brown
The Last Rose
Director - Heaven Shull
Director of Photography - Brandon Davis
Editor - Alyssa Neece
Music - arranged by Brookelynn Caudill
Coax by Lia Mirkhabutdinova-Martin
#Equal by John Garrido
Building the Self by Jenni Lash
Beauty in the Dirt by Bryen Miller
Yvonne Desrosiers: More than Art by Anthony Jones
The Commute by Alyssa Neece
Conduit by Lia Mirkhabutdinova-Martin